The vehicle’s exhaust system removes the toxic byproducts of combustion from the vehicle. Nevertheless, these harmful gases can be released into the vehicle’s interior chamber in the event of an exhaust system breakdown or leak. However, it might cause pollution if fumes are released from the exhaust. The car’s performance also drops as a result but the exhaust leak sound can give you an alarming voice to immediately take action

Here are some of the most common exhaust leak symptoms and their fixes to give you a relaxing breath.

Exhaust Leak Symptoms

Vehicle components are susceptible to damage from various road and weather conditions. As a result, keeping them in good repair is crucial. Exhaust systems might also experience degradation over time. However, it causes the vehicle to make strange noises or lose some of its performance.

You can rapidly diagnose an exhaust leak in your vehicle by looking out for these symptoms. Now, we may review them.

Loud Exhaust Leak Sound 

The sound of the car’s engine revving could be audible when you apply the accelerator. On the other hand, an exhaust leak might be the cause of abnormally loud acceleration noises. An automobile may also have a silencer or two installed to dampen road noise. A strong exhaust noise, nevertheless, might be the result of a faulty silencer. 

What does an exhaust leak sound like? Damage to the gaskets or a defective exhaust manifold could cause a ticking or clicking noise. Any of these signs of an exhaust leak should prompt you to take your vehicle to a repair shop for an inspection.

Fuel Economy Decrease

More gas will be used up than usual if your exhaust is leaking. Because of the difficulties caused by leaks, your engine is unable to accurately measure the amount of oxygen entering or leaving your system. To make up for that, the engine will start using more gasoline. Getting your exhaust repaired will save you from paying more for petrol than necessary.

Smoke From The Exhaust

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai is one of several national agencies that mandate emissions testing for vehicle registration to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. Smoke, either black or white, may be visible coming from the tailpipe of a vehicle with an exhaust leak. However, you will encounter an issue with your car’s emissions when you go to register it.

Additionally, if the exhaust system in your vehicle has failed and is unable to retain the gases, you may notice a rise in fumes coming from the engine hood. Still, if the exhaust is leaking, the car won’t pass the emissions test. 

Burning Smell Inside The Car

After an exhaust leak sound bad smells are another indication of an exhaust leak. Remember that hazardous gases like carbon monoxide are released by the engine. The emission of these dangerous gases is a sign of an exhaust manifold leak. Furthermore, carbon monoxide gas is quite harmful to humans when exposed for extended periods.

Visit the auto shop as soon as possible if you notice a burning smell coming from the vehicle. Get it fixed as soon as possible.

Weak Acceleration And Pedal Vibration

The oxygen or MAF sensor readings might be thrown off by an exhaust system leak. However, it can result in mild acceleration. It results in a jerky idle and a lack of power as you accelerate. In addition, if the exhaust isn’t working properly, the oxygen sensor readings will be contaminated, leading to increased fuel use.

If there is an exhaust leak, pressing the accelerator pedal will cause it to tremble. As your speed increases, you’ll feel a greater vibration in the pedals. On top of that, an exhaust leak might cause the entire cabin to tremble.

Check Engine Light

Because of the exhaust leak sound, the dashboard’s check engine warning light might turn on. The interference of gases with the measurements of several sensors causes this exhaust leak sign.

Causes And Preventative Measures

The most common reasons for exhaust leaks are driving on uneven roads and exhaust system components that have rust corrosion. Your exhaust system is vulnerable to shaking and shocks from rough roads, which can weaken structural components and create holes. Additionally, rust and corrosion damage in exhaust system elements can lead to exhaust leaks.

Furthermore, other components may deteriorate or sustain damage when they undergo additional vibration and impact while operating the vehicle, particularly if the rubber isolator portion is severely worn or if one of the hangers fastening the exhaust system comes loose.

Regular inspections by your service provider of the exhaust system are your greatest line of defense against leaks and the issues they create. You may catch little issues with your exhaust system with an inspection before they become major headaches.

Exhaust Leak Repair Cost

Without a thorough examination of your vehicle, it might be challenging for a technician to provide an exact quote for exhaust repair. This is because when you only listen to a normal exhaust leak sound a fix as easy as welding a little fracture shut might cost just £50. However, it may necessitate the replacement of the complete catalytic converter, which might exceed £1,500!

How Do I Know If My Car Exhaust Is Leaking?

Since the smoke from the engine isn’t being blocked, your car will probably start to sound louder. The engine note will sound harsh, and you might hear popping and spitting sounds. Moreover, vibrations throughout the system are probable; some drivers have reported feeling these in the cabin while behind the wheel.

How Long Can I Drive With An Exhaust Leak?

How much longer you can keep on the road while an exhaust leak is present is proportional to the leak’s size and severity. If the leak isn’t too big, you could get a few hundred miles out of it before you need to get it fixed. But you might have to get it fixed right away if the leak is big.

Is An Exhaust Leak An Easy Fix?

You won’t have much luck fixing the problem on your own if you find out the leak is coming from a crack or hole in your exhaust system. By removing the two connecting joints and replacing the exhaust portion individually, you might be able to replace the pipe or component in question.

Can Exhaust Leaks Damage The Motor?

In the worst-case situation, an exhaust leak might happen in the wrong place, damaging the engine’s internal components. The system’s ability to remove enough quantities of engine heat is compromised if an exhaust leak happens close enough to the exhaust manifold.

Final Thoughts

The symptoms of an exhaust leak might be difficult to detect but exhaust leak sound makes it easy to detect. However, the exhaust isn’t always as big of a deal as it seems; issues with it will have outcomes in more ways than one. Also, it could affect how well you do on emissions tests administered by individual states. But by following the given guide about symptoms and their fixes you can avoid any serious damage. In this case, a professional mechanic will be a great help for you.


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