The Honda CR-V is the company’s small crossover offering and has been a mainstay in the market since its debut in 1997. The 2023 Honda CR-V has been highly recommended since it is roomy, fun to drive, simple to operate, and economical on gas. The CR-V will debut its brand-new, improved design in 2023. The exterior and interior have been completely redesigned, yet many features that made the CR-V famous remain. Here, we’ll go through each 2023 CR-V’s features in depth.

2023 Honda Cr V Interior

Interior Quality

Even if the new CR-interior V’s doesn’t break any ground-breaking ground, it nevertheless seems modern and luxurious. High-quality materials are used throughout, including high-density foam seating and many soft-touch plastics in the basic trim.

Audio, Bluetooth, and GPS

The CR-infotainment V’s system has a streamlined interface, rapid reaction times, and crisp visuals, making it easy to use. The audio and climatic settings are also conveniently accessible through physical knobs and buttons.

Standard equipment includes a 7-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a six-speaker stereo system, Bluetooth, and two USB ports.

There is an 8-speaker sound system, a wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto interface, HD Radio, satellite radio, two USB ports in the second row, and wireless device charging.

In addition to the previously mentioned amenities, this model also comes with a 7-inch digital gauge display, dual-zone automatic temperature control, push-button start, remote keyless entry, and a sunroof.

Additional Possible Features: a universal garage-door opener

Cargo Space

Compared to other small SUVs, the CR-load V’s space is exceptional. When the second row is in use, there are 39.3 cubic feet of room available, and when it is folded down, there are 76.5 cubic feet of space. The liftgate may be opened manually or powered.

What Is The 2023 Cr-Passenger V’s Capacity?

The CR-V is a five-seat, two-row SUV with excellent all-around visibility and comfort for every passenger. The front seats are plush and provide exceptional support, and there is plenty of room inside. Adults may sit comfortably in the backseat, which has enough head- and legroom with seats that are both supportive and somewhat firmer than those in the front. The back seats are adjusted to lie flat for even more relaxation.

Child Safety Seats in a 2023 CR-V

The rear outboard seats of the CR-V are equipped with LATCH connections, and two complete sets are available. A tether anchor is located in the center rear seat, a lower anchor is located on the passenger side, and a lower anchor is located in the back of the vehicle for the driver, should they need it. It may be necessary to apply some force when connecting the car seat straps to the lower anchors, and the tether anchors might be mistaken for other hardware.

2023 Honda Cr V Colors

There will be various 2023 honda cr v color choices available such as:

  1. Lunar Silver Metallic
  2. Canyon River Blue Metallic
  3. Crystal Black Pearl
  4. Urban Gray Pearl
  5. Meteorite Gray Metallic
  6. Radiant Red Metallic
  7. Platinum White Pearl
  8. Still Night Pearl
2023 Honda Cr V Interior

CR-V Performance: (Slightly) Better than Before


The 2023 CR-V comes with a 190-horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine and a CVT (CVT). It has sufficient initial acceleration for most driving conditions; however, the CVT does leech part of the engine’s power. This becomes readily apparent in motorway passing and merging situations. Generally, the CVT operates quietly, but accelerating may make annoying noises.

Drive Quality

The CR-light V’s and precise handling makes it a pleasure to pilot. The suspension was designed with passenger comfort in mind and can smooth out anything but the roughest pavement.

Gas Mileage

The CR-V 2023 has the best fuel efficiency of any subcompact SUV. The Environmental Protection Agency assesses fuel economy to be 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway for models with front-wheel drive and 27 mpg for all-wheel drive models.

How Fast is the Honda CR-V?

The CR-V sacrifices acceleration for a more relaxing ride, but its 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine still generates 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. Only the Hybrid versions provide a Sport setting among the three selectable driving modes (Normal, Snow, and Econ). Better traction is achieved by the Snow mode’s delayed shifting, which allows for more power to reach the wheels. In addition, the auto-start/stop function is disabled in that mode.

Although it lacks speed, it responds quickly and has almost no turbo lag. It now seems a little faster and remains pretty powerful to not hesitate in passing movements thanks to a revised turbocharger that reduces peak torque from 2,000 rpm to 1,700 rpm. On the highway, noise from the road and the wind enter the cabin, but it isn’t loud enough to warrant raising your voice.

Honda claims that they have decreased engine noise, yet under heavy acceleration, there is still a whine until the CVT engages the next gear. Unlike older, less sophisticated CVTs, this one is far more peaceful and collected on city streets, and its behavior is entirely predictable.

Towing Capacity of the 2023 CR-V

The CR-V can tow up to fifteen hundred pounds with the right accessories.

Safety of the 2023 Honda CR-V

Is It Safe to Trust the 2023 CR-V?

For the 2023 Honda CR-V, an anticipated reliability rating has yet to be released.

Warranty on Honda CR-V

The 2023 Honda CR-V is backed by a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain and a three-year/36,00-mile basic warranty from Honda.

2023 Honda CR-V Security Features

The 2023 CR-Crash V’s Test Results

However, the 2023 Honda CR-V has not been crashing tested by the NHTSA or IIHS.

Features to Expect in a 2023 CR-V

The following are assistive technologies that should come as standard.

  • Backup camera
  • In an emergency, the brakes will automatically apply to the front wheels
  • Ahead-of-collision alerts
  • Auto-centering lanes
  • Alerts for when you’re about to leave your lane
  • Automatic course correction
  • A warning system for vehicles approaching from behind
  • Checking for blind spots
  • Reconciling Traffic Signs
  • LED headlights that switch to high beams automatically

Features that may help drivers:

  • Parking sensors on both the front and back

Specifications for the 2023 Honda

In terms of length, the CR-V measures 15.4 feet. It has a curb weight of between 3,497 and 3,635.

2023 CR-V Pros & Cons

Roomy, plush quartersWhen accelerating quickly, the CVT drones
Large space for transportSlightly Expensive
Efficiency in the use of fuelThe hybrid engine is often loud and sluggish on inclines

When Will the 2023 Cr-V be Available, and How Much Will it Cost?

The base price of a 2023 Honda CR-V is relatively high for a crossover SUV. It has a higher price tag, but it’s loaded with features that (perhaps) make up for it. The front-wheel-drive basic EX model has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $31,110, while the higher-end EX-L variant begins at $33,760.

Check out the breakdown of small costs below:

  • EX (FWD): $32,355
  • EX-L (FWD): $35,005
  • Sport (FWD): $33,695
  • EX (AWD): $33,855
  • Sport (AWD): $35,195
  • EX-L (AWD): $36,505
  • Sport Touring (AWD): $39,845

How Do These Costs Stack Up Against The Toyota Rav4, The Cr-Primary V’s Competitor? 

The first price of a 2022 RAV4 is only $28,310, while the base price of a 2022 AWD RAV4 Hybrid is just $30,910. When comparing AWD variants, the RAV4 Hybrid also achieves better fuel efficiency than the 2023 CR-V; the 2022 RAV4 Hybrid has an EPA-estimated rating of 41/38/40 mpg.

Honda Cr V 2022 Vs. 2023: What’s The Difference?

For the 2023 model year, Honda completely redesigned the CR-V. The new CR-V has an updated design on the inside and out, an enhanced infotainment system, other standard technological and driver-assistance technologies, and a little bit more space in the back for passengers. The previous generation CR-considerable V’s luggage space and efficient engine are carried over to the new one.

Critical updates to the Honda CR-V over the last several years include the following:

  • Complete revamp due in 2023 Honda CR-V
  • There won’t be any significant changes in 2022.
  • In 2021, we had no significant changes.
  • 2020 CR-V Hybrid updated inside and out, expanded suite of standard driving aids, the debut of the 

2023 Honda Cr V Vs Toyota Rav4

Longtime competitor Toyota RAV4 has several desirable qualities to the Honda CR-V. Both are very fuel-efficient, have roomy trunks, and are equipped with a wealth of equipment as standard. The RAV4’s weak spot is its powerplant, which makes an annoying whining noise. Additionally, the infotainment system of the RAV4 is not as quick to react as that of the CR-V. If you have problems with your Toyota or Honda’s check engine light, check the solution here.

Is the Honda CR-V a Good-Looking Car?

The revised CR-V is not a wrong vehicle, but Honda tries to cover up the SUV’s more excellent dimensions with an understated appearance. The updated interior gets points for its discreet design and tasteful touches. The 2023 honda cr v exterior colors are pleasant and beautiful.

The new CR-V is broader, longer, and has a lengthier wheelbase and overall presence than the outgoing model. It might be mistaken for a Volkswagen Tiguan or Honda Passport. It has the more expansive, stepped grille seen on the Passport and tiny DRLs tucked beneath a hood split into two places. Thinner rocker panels and new wheels wrap up a more squared-off back end reminiscent of the Passport.

2023 Honda

Hybrids give the Sport and Sport Touring versions a kick. Various designs in the Hybrid are at odds with Honda’s assertion. It views the CR-V Hybrid as a bridge to electric vehicles. The 2023 Honda CR-V includes blacked-out trim components, 19-inch black wheels, and rectangular exhaust holes.

The Civic has a hand in the Civic’s slimmer A-pillars and more streamlined cabin. Unlike its predecessor, this generation’s optional 9.0″ touchscreen doesn’t disappear into the dashboard. The center console is home to a technological device shifter. 

Beyond the black metallic mesh, a horizontal strip of vents provides visual appeal. This is emphasized by fiber-reinforced plastic trim that extends to the doors. The inside is relaxing and comfortable, a welcome change from the cluttered cabins of many modern crossovers.


Will the 2023 honda cr-v hybrid have a spare tire?

The hybrid battery takes up too much room in the trunk; therefore, buyers of the 2020-2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid should be aware of this before making a purchase.

Is the CR-V going to change in 2023?

The new hybrid system in the 2023 CR-V Sport ($32,4501) will include a refined 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine, providing a livelier driving experience. With this upgrade, the system’s total output is 204 hp4, and the max torque of the traction motor is 247 lb. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Honda CR-V when will 2023 models are available?

Starting on September 22nd, turbocharged variants of the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V will arrive at Honda dealerships, with hybrid models following in October.

Is the 2023 CR-V bigger than the 2022 CR-V?

The length of the 2023 CR-V is an additional 2.7 inches compared to that of the 2022 model year. The wheelbase was extended by 1.6 inches, bringing the total length to 106.3 inches, and the front and rear tracks were enlarged. The resulting passenger volume is 103.5 cubic feet.

Does the 2023 CRV have a remote start?

HondaLink®23 Subscription Services provide a new level of convenience to the CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid. It allows drivers to connect to Amazon Alexa to get in-car deliveries from Key by Amazon to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle to activate the temperature system remotely.


Redesigned 2023 Honda CR-V shines with a roomy and high-end cabin. It has comfortable seating for five across all three rows, a user-friendly infotainment system, a massive luggage area, and an extensive set of standard amenities. It gets excellent gas mileage and performs adequately. Its many more new best and updated features will make your traveling experience at its peak.


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