If you’re a true car lover, you want to maximize your car’s potential. A high-performance suspension system may make a huge difference in your driving experience. Whether you’re into racing, off-roading, or just taking long trips down the highway. You may have heard of Carli Suspension if you’ve been looking into suspension upgrades for your vehicle. You may wonder, “What exactly is Carli Suspension, and will it be right for my car?”. This post covers everything from its origins and advantages to its typical maintenance and replacement prices. Moreover, I will share my own experience with it.

What Is Car Suspension

The suspension system in your car is crucial to the comfort of your ride, the control of your vehicle, and your safety on the road. A vehicle’s suspension system comprises several components, including control arms, springs, struts, and shocks, that all work together to reduce road vibrations and keep your tires planted firmly on the pavement. Improve your car’s performance and handling on the track or off-road with a suspension upgrade.

My 2011 Ford F-350 has stability/wobble concerns and mild bump steer after I leveled it and put on 22″ rims with 35×12.5 tires. My drag link and track bar were at different lengths and angles; therefore, despite my best efforts, the bump steer persisted despite using a drop-down mount for my track bar. 

Every time I went right, there was a clunking sound because the drop-down mount had descended too far, putting undue strain on the ball joint at the axle end of the track bar. This track bar corrected the alignment of my front axle and brought it back to where it belonged. The additional range of motion afforded by the Heim joint on the frame side and the compensatory angle at the ball joint end is ingeniously straightforward. 

There were no clearance or fitting difficulties, and setting my ride height was simple. As a Mechanical Engineer, this is about as straightforward as the component design gets, and the solution’s simplicity makes it more likely to hold up over time.

Carli Suspension: A Brief History

The experts at Carli Suspension design and manufacture superior suspension components for pickups and SUVs. It was founded in 2003 by current CEO Nick Soetaert and is well-recognized for its cutting-edge designs and superior craftsmanship. It provides several suspension systems, such as leveling kits, lift kits, and performance systems, to accommodate various drivers and cars.

Carli Suspension, Inc. was established to fill a need left by the industry’s prior Dodge Ram Suspension Systems suppliers. A new class of car suspension parts must be developed for a suspension system for perfection. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a different product line that addressed the fact that delivering a subpar car to a client was unacceptable. Every kit on the market required some makeshift fix during assembly or alterations to the original design just to get it to fit. Sage took things into his own hands by designing and manufacturing a bolt-on suspension system that retained the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) ride quality, arrangement, component lifetime, and performance.

Features and Benefits

Security, handling, and off-road performance are all enhanced by using car suspension components. They’re built to endure, so serious motorists can be certain they’re getting their money’s worth. Carli Suspension products are 100% American-made, employing only the finest components and cutting-edge machinery. You may feel confident in your purchase because of the limited lifetime guarantee.

Carli Suspension, Inc only uses race-tested parts in its products. Sage Carli combines high-performance shocks, springs, and components in a system tailored for the consumer market rather than the desert racer. These features work together to make the car more pleasant. Easier to drive on the street, and more capable in off-road situations. Carli can significantly increase the street and off-road driving experience by beginning with race-proven components that have been specifically fitted to these suspension systems. Only the most experienced off-roaders should attempt to push a Carli system to its limits. You can also improve your engine performance by replacing the weak alternator. Sage is known for making excellent all-around suspension cars for the practical market.

Carli Suspension: Is It Right for Your Vehicle?

Can we have too many options for customizing your truck? More options mean you can tailor solutions to your needs more precisely, but too many options may be overwhelming. If you aren’t prepared to deal with them. Carli Suspension has created a reputation by creating some of the best systems on the market for solid axle pickups. Their offerings are compatible with Rams manufactured in 1994 and after and Fords manufactured in 2005 and later. Carli Suspension Ram 2500 is well-known due to its features.

There are various points to consider before upgrading your car’s suspension using it. Before buying a Suspension product, verify that it suits your vehicle or SUV. Second, plan your budget if you want to upgrade your car’s suspension using Carli Suspension items since they may be pricey. 

Car Suspension Repair: Common Issues and Costs

Your car’s suspension may require repair or replacement if you notice sagging, bouncing, or uneven tire wear. Repairing a car’s suspension may be expensive, depending on the nature of the damage and the vehicle’s make and model. Car suspension repair costs around $1,000-$5,000 because it has too many things. Replacement of worn shocks, struts, or springs and repair of broken control arms or steering components are common fixes.


Carli Suspension is an industry leader in producing superior off-road suspension components for pickups and SUVs. Its products have many uses, whether you want to improve your suspension for off-road performance, racing, or a more comfortable ride. However, they may be costly, so plan if you want to upgrade your suspension. Your vehicle’s suspension needs immediate attention if you are experiencing any problems.


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