The automobile is a way of travel that makes daily life easier, yet we often fail to give it the care and maintenance it needs. For obvious reasons, a clean car windshield is crucial for your safety. It’s essential to clean your car windows and make them free from stains and smears so the driver can see well. Having clean, streak-free windows will also make your automobile seem extraordinary. So, make sure there isn’t any grime on it that might cause you to take your focus off the road or cause eye fatigue. Here are the best ways to clean your car windscreen properly.

How To Clean A Car Windscreen Outside

It’s best to begin by wiping off the outside of the windshield. Scrub it with water and a gentle brush if there is a lot of grime. If you cannot reach the whole windshield, you may find a telescoping squeegee with a cushion connected to be handy. Carefully remove the wiper blades from the windshield and gently massage them with vinegar, natural spirits, or baking powder and water if they are filthy. This will give you a smooth, even clean chance to examine them.

Every 2 to 3 years is the average lifespan of a set of windscreen wipers. But if you see breakage or they stop working correctly, you should change them sooner. The windshield wiper arm should be angled roughly 70 degrees concerning the glass.

Use A Cotton Cloth To Clean The Car Windshield Now

Wipe the windshield with a clean, lint-free cloth after eliminating all the embedded dirt and bugs. All that’s needed is a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to bring back its shine. Apply the cleaner to the windshield and wipe it down, starting at the outside. Use paper towels to buff off the glass cleaner for a spotless appearance.

When Polishing Your Windshield, Go Slowly And Carefully In Small Circles

Products like smear-free glass cleaners, anti-fog glass sanitizers, rain-repellent sanitizers that prevent bugs from clinging while driving, and a foamy non-drip cleanser that comes in a spray can are all worth considering. Although practical, ammonia may deteriorate vinyl, leather, and rubber. Cleaning the windshield with white vinegar and a lint-free cloth is another option.

Always Keep Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Full to Prevent Smudges

For clear visibility, at all times while driving, keep your windshield wiper fluid topped up with an antifreeze-formulated windscreen wash. Last but not least, always have a demister pad handy, and think about storing a package of non-smearing inside wipes coated with cleaning chemicals in the car’s glove compartment.

Clean Your Car Windscreen

How To Clean The Inside Of Your Car Windscreen

Use Papers or Microfiber Towels to Keep the Dashboard Clean

After the outside glass is clean, go on to the windshield and the rest of the car’s glass. You could cover the dashboard with cotton towels or tissues as a safety measure against the vinegar and water mixture drops. The cleaning solution of water and vinegar might drop and ruin it otherwise.

Use A Cloth With The Solution To Clean The Car Windscreen

Instead of wiping the windshield from the outside with the vinegar solution, use it to clean the interior by spraying it onto a microfiber cloth. This is a more efficient windshield cleaning since you use the whole spray solution.

It would be inefficient to spray the solution directly on the windshield inside since only a portion of the cleaner would make it to the glass, with the remainder going to other parts of the vehicle, where it may cause harm.

Furthermore, a passenger seat provides a convenient vantage point from which to wipe the inside of the windshield. This would make it easier to clean around the steering wheel.

How To Clean A Car Windscreen Outside

However, the technique for wiping the inside of a windshield is identical to that used for the outside. Wiping in vertical strokes from the top center outwards would be the order of business as you tackle one side at a time. After you’ve finished cleaning in vertical strokes, beginning at the top center and moving across, you may use horizontal strokes.

Put in Some Time on the Flip Side

Repeat the process you used to clean the inner half of the windscreen on the opposite side.

Move To The Other Windows

It’s best to finish off the inside of one windshield before moving on to the other windows. Cleaning the second set of windows is similar to washing the first set: spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the glass in vertical sweeps first, then in horizontal sweeps.

Tips to Clean the Car Windscreen

Here are some suggestions to clean your car’s windscreen and keep it bright.

  • Clean your car’s windscreen from the outside by using a microfiber cloth.
  • Shaded or cool settings are ideal for washing and drying your automobile. Water stains are a pain to get rid of, and they may be caused by water that dries too rapidly.
  • Avoid ammonia-containing goods because of the harm they may do to easily damaged paint and plastic.
  • Never clean your automobile with dish soap. You don’t want it on your car since it can cut through oil and grease.
  • Protect your paint with a high-quality wax or shine.
  • When cleaning a vinyl vehicle top, it’s essential to use a gentle brush and a cleaning solution made specifically for vinyl.
  • Protect the paint from deterioration and scratches by applying wax or shine regularly.
  • Use a glass cleaner, squeegee, or paper towel to clean your car windscreen. When the blades of a windshield wiper are in excellent condition, the device performs optimally.
  • Any fur or hair on your vehicle’s upholstery must be removed, so if you have a pet, grab the vacuum and a trash bag. Cleaning the upholstery and carpets with a shampoo solution regularly can also help them retain their like-new appearance.
Clean Car Windshield


What’s the most practical DIY solution for cleaning vehicle windows?

Add a cup of distilled water to the empty plastic spray container. Then, add one cup of rubbing alcohol and two teaspoons of white vinegar and mix well. Please give the bottle a thorough shake once you’ve added all the ingredients to ensure a well-blended solution.

How do I clean my car’s windshield at home?

Clean the glass with a dry microfiber towel. Apply a slight coating of the auto wax you typically use on the vehicle to the glass using a microfiber cloth. Wait to start buffing for a few minutes. This process will leave your windshield spotless and water-resistant.

Is vinegar good to clean your car windscreen?

For the windshield, you may use either a vinegar solution or one of the commercially available cleaners. A combination of 480 ml of water, 60 ml of white vinegar, and 0.5 tsp of dishwashing detergent may do a great job cleaning glass. Make a more robust solution by adding vinegar to clean grimy windshields.


Cleaning vehicle windows is a straightforward and uncomplicated method. There’s just no justification for you to drive about with dirty windows. Cleaning car windows is vital for hygiene and, more significantly, for security. Collect car cleaning tools and solutions and start to clean your car today. Protect your car and take care properly to maintain it for long-lasting. If you adhere to these guidelines, your automobile will retain its spark for years. 

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