How true is Ford’s “Built Ford Tough” claim about their transmission systems when it pertains to the longevity of their vehicles? For forty years, the Ford F-series has dominated the American market. However, the F-series has also been the target of several recalls, customer complaints, and gearbox problems. A broad variety of problems, from very minor ones to potentially fatal ones, have been reported by owners. This article will give you an explanation of the Ford 10 speed transmission problems, as well as the potential fixes, recalls, and upgrades.

Identifying Common Ford 10 Speed Transmission Problems

Here are various problems with Ford 10 speed transmission but here we will discuss the 10 most common problems and their solutions.

Rough Shifting

There were violent and unexpected patterns to this renowned issue, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit. Ford 10 speed transmission problems Mustang is one of the worst parts, was dealing with trembling, reluctance, and missing shifts. Models like the 2017–2018 F-150 and the 2018 Mustang were especially hit hard by this issue, which hurt performance and caused some to worry about safety.

Gear Position Indicator Failure

A few of drivers complained that the dashboard’s gear shift indications didn’t work, which caused them unnecessary stress and maybe even accidents. Since this may cause people to choose the wrong gear, which might be dangerous in certain situations like parking or reversing, it was more than just an annoyance.

Check Engine Light Alerts

The check engine light coming on was a common symptom of issues with the torque converter clutch valve or the valve body, and it happened frequently. Because of how important they are to the transmission’s proper functioning, problems with these parts might cause more extensive problems down the road.

Recall Issues

The 2018 Expedition was one of many vehicles recalled by Ford because of problems with the roll pin installation. Unintentional movement while parked, which might increase the danger of accidents or property damage, was a possible outcome of this fault in the vehicle’s park function.

Sounds of Rattling

When starting, accelerating, or changing gears, owners of impacted vehicles frequently reported hearing a strange rattling sound. On top of being an annoyance, this made one wonder how the transmission system was doing.

The Faulty Transmission

Ford transmission speed sensor location problems and overheating were major problems, especially in situations with extended trips or while pulling large loads. If the transmission fluid breaks down due to overheating, it might slide or fail.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

The necessary fluid levels were reduced due to the frequent occurrence of fluid leaks. Not addressing this quickly might lead to increased friction and heat, which could severely damage the transmission.

Failure to Engage Gears

The transmission’s trouble engaging gears correctly was a major safety concern. As a result, there was a substantial danger of losing control or being unable to manoeuvre the vehicle efficiently, which may happen at high speeds or in congested traffic.

Harsh Downshifts

When shifting down a gear, several drivers felt sudden shocks or “bangs” from the transmission. In addition to making for a less-than-ideal ride, this can indicate gradual wear and tear on the gearbox parts.

Delayed Shifts

Another typical gripe was delayed shifting, the phenomenon wherein the time it took to get from selecting a gear to engaging it was somewhat evident. This can be a sign of transmission wear and tear or problems with the transmission control module. Both of which can lead to decreased performance and possible safety hazards.

Recall and Replacement Costs and Their Financial Impact

The expense of a new 10-speed gearbox for Ford vehicles is a major consideration for owners. How much it will cost is highly dependent on the kind and extent of the problem. The expense of replacement might be high in some situations, making ownership more of a strain financially.

The Ford 10-speed gearbox recall is another crucial factor. Ford has recognized the problems with its gearboxes and has issued recalls for specific vehicles. For the safety and proper operation of their cars, owners must pay close attention to these recalls.

Has Ford Fixed the 10-Speed Transmission Problems?

It appears that Ford has not yet resolved all difficulties related to the 10-speed transmission in certain of its vehicles, despite their best efforts. The “adaptive transmission shift strategy” is supposed to enhance shift quality by letting the car’s computer learn the limitations of the transmission. However, some drivers are experiencing shifting troubles, according to Ford. Nevertheless, despite repairs and resetting of the control module, some drivers have complained that the difficulties persist.

Updated shift cable clips, part replacements for certain models, and adaptive learning drive cycles are some of the short-term fixes that Ford has adopted in response to many technical service bulletins regarding problems with the 10-speed gearbox.

Still, drivers are complaining about troubles with their cars, so it seems that these fixes weren’t enough.

What Should I Do If I Have Ford Transmission Problems?

Your Ford could be a “lemon” if you’ve had to bring it in for any warranty repairs. If so, you might be able to get your money back, some cash, and maybe even cover your attorney’s fees. Many Ford customers have reported gearbox problems over the past decade, but the automaker has offered few solutions.

Because class action lawsuits address the problems faced by a large group of people rather than each case, joining one may not ensure that you receive compensation for all of your vehicle’s problems.

Instead of joining a class action lawsuit, you should pursue a lemon law claim on an individual basis to increase your chances of a maximum payout. Avoid becoming trapped with a car that poses a risk to you and your family due to its flaws.

Improving Dependability

Owners are increasingly opting to convert to Ford 10-speed transmissions in light of the issues. With these improvements, we want to increase the transmission’s performance and dependability. Which should lead to a more pleasant ride and maybe even a longer life for the gearbox.


Ford 10 speed transmission problems, such as the F350 and Mustang, face a complicated situation. Recalls, replacements and upgrades are available remedies to the problems that need addressing. If they want their cars to keep being dependable and fun to drive. Owners must be knowledgeable about these gearbox problems and take the benefit of lawsuit.


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