The Honda Insight 2022 is the Civic hybrid’s spiritual successor. The Insight is similar in size and appearance to Honda’s small sedan. It has an efficient gas-electric motor beneath the hood, making it quieter at low speeds and delivering greater mpg.

Several of the Civic’s great attributes, like a smooth ride, a pleasant cabin, and precise handling, are present here. You’ll give up a little quickness, and the Insight may be noisy when you stomp on it. It is a nice-looking sedan that’s less expensive than non-hybrid competitors and will help you cash at the pump.

Wanna know about the Honda Insight? Here a fantastic article is waiting for you this superb 2022 Honda Insight.

Effective Engine, Transmission, And Performance Of Honda Insight 

Insight balances quick acceleration with frugal fuel consumption better than other hybrids. It’s roughly as fast as many fully electric compact cars—and significantly faster than the hybrid competitors we’ve tested. Its mix of a gasoline engine and two electric motors produces 151 horsepower, propelling the Insights between 0 to 60 mph in 8. seconds. 

It can run for about a mile on its electric engine alone at modest speeds but request quick acceleration, and the combustion engine will effortlessly kick in. The engine may become noisy under fast development, but Insight’s drivetrain is more or less quiet and refined. The Insight is a delightful vehicle to drive. It is quiet, comfy, and polished and handles with assurance.

Performance Of Honda InsightPerformance Of Honda Insight

Fuel Efficiency in Honda Insight

For the Insight, Honda offers two EPA ratings: 55 mpg in the city and 49 miles per gallon for the lightweight EX model, and 51 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway again for Insight Tour, which is best and has a bigger wheels and tires. The EPA ratings of the Prius and the Hyundai Ioniq are a few kilometers per gallon higher than those of the three Insight versions.

However, Insight Touring exceeded its EPA rating by 2 mpg by getting 47 mpg on a real-world highway test. Hybrids often perform better in city driving situations than on the interstate, so drivers who spend longer in stop-and-go traffic should anticipate even better results.

Incredible Features Of Honda Insight 2022 | You Must Know

Here we discuss the stunning features of the Honda Insight that shocked you. We will intensely discuss the features which you love to know about.

1. Awesome Exterior 

The most recent design of Insight has developed over the years into one that is genuinely exquisite, and its lines are reminiscent of an athlete’s well-toned muscles. Together, the grille and distinctive air vents on the bottom of the rear bumper promise extraordinary performance. Aggressive alloy wheels and LED illumination complete the sleek, contemporary design.

Honda created the car’s sweeping lines to minimize drag, not merely for aesthetic reasons. The manner efficiently blocks unwanted air into the rear of the vehicle the lights were shaped.

2. An Effective Hybrid Powertrain

The hybrid powertrain in the Insight comfortably outperforms several comparably sized propane engines while earning an exceptional EPA score of up to 52 miles combined. Two electric motors work in tandem with the 1.5L insert engine to produce 151 power and torque and 197 lb of torque. Due to this, the car can accelerate from Zero to 60 in less than 8 seconds.

An electronic, constantly variable transmission applies power smoothly and effectively while utilizing shift-by-wire technology. It has several drive settings, such as a Comp sci mode for better fuel economy and a Sport option when you want to up the thrill level of your driving.

3. Remarkable Management

The Insight Touring comes standard with high-end equipment that you often only find in much more expensive cars. With its upmarket leather detailing, the Touring variant elevates Insight’s already-sophisticated and roomy interior even further. It includes dual-zone adjustable climate control and heated 8-way driver and 4-way rear passenger power seats as standard equipment.

A 450-watt 10-speaker luxury audio system and a one-touch power sunroof for simple access to an open sky round out this attractive package.

4. Outstanding Connectivity

Both the EX and Touring variants have an elevated 8-inch infotainment touchscreen. The system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Bluetooth and HondaLink services. HondaLink connects to your device to display regular car health reports, provide a location selected from your phone to the navigation system, and receive service reminders.

Touring model owners can access additional Wi-Fi hot spot capacity and membership HondaLink services. Such services include immediate accident warning to a live agent, non-accident emergency support, and improved roadside assistance.

The Insight remains at the forefront of the small hybrid pile, with wider tires and more efficiency than its competitors. After years of refinement and invention by Honda, this is no surprise.

5. Luxury Design

For an entry-level sedan, Insight Tours offers a variety of quality goodies that you’d only find in many higher-priced vehicles. The Touring variant’s exquisite leather detailing adds another level of luxury to Insight’s already elegant and spacious cabin. It includes heated 8-way driver/4-way rear passenger power seats as standard and dual-zone automatic temperature control.

honda insight

To round out this enticing package, there’s just one power moonroof for quick access to an open sky and a 450-watt 10-speaker luxury audio system.

6. Interior of Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is not the biggest sedan on the market but is still rather capacious. Likewise, the interior of the Honda Insight 2022 isn’t very opulent, but it’s well-made and comfy. There is some harsh plastic, but they’re kept out of sight, and the upper trimmings cover them up even more with higher-quality materials. 

The buttons are laid out for ease of use and include features like adaptive cruise control, automated climate adjustment, and LED ambient lighting. The leather-appointed motorized front seating on the Performance makes the Insights feel more upscale than the price tag suggests.

7. Colors Of Honda Insight

While there is little color variety, the car interior of Insight is nevertheless well-appointed. The EX comes with fabric seating in either Black or White, provided you select a matched exterior color – though you can receive either if you choose the Platinum White Pearls paint.

When you upgrade to the Tour, the inside becomes much more luxurious, owing to genuine leather-appointed seats. However, like the EX, the color options remain Black or Ivory. The inside, in proper Honda form, is sturdy and well-constructed – indeed built to last.

8. Seating Capacity And Space Of Interior

There is enough for five people in the sedan’s unexpectedly large cabin. Although there is never a significant problem with legroom, legroom in the back seats isn’t quite as generous. No matter what specification you choose, the sedan features comfy seats, but if you want power-adjustable front seats, you’ll need to go to the Touring model. 

On the good side, every seat is covered in leather, and the front seats are heated. Honda Insight hatchbacks 2022 are available with more space, but unlike most hybrid and electric vehicles, the battery pack doesn’t obstruct the trunk. The large, open doors make it simple to enter and exit. Visibility, though, is a more mixed bag. Although you can see pretty fine above the dash, the wide back pillars make it difficult to see behind you. This is offset by Insight’s included oblivious monitoring and rear parking sensors.

Honda Accord interior

The cabin also has a good number of small-item storage. Standard features of the center console include a sizable storage compartment and built-in cup holders. Additionally, there is a typical glove box, and every four doors have roomy snack pockets. A seat-back compartment on the vehicle’s side is added to the top-tier Touring model.

2022 Honda Insight Warranty

The warranty coverage for Insight is entirely ordinary. Additionally, Honda offers shorter warranty terms over Hyundai and Kia.

  • The limited warranty covers three years or 36,000 kilometers.
  • The powertrain warranty covers 5 years or 60,000 km.
  • Hybrid parts are insured for eight years or one hundred thousand miles.
  • There is no free scheduled maintenance.


Accord 2022 vs. Honda Insight 2022: Which is superior?

The hybrid Honda Insight 2022 has a 1.5 L engine, while the hybrid Honda Accord 2022 has a 2.0 L engine. This might not seem like much, but in terms of horsepower and acceleration, it makes a significant impact. The Accord has 181 horsepower, while the Insight only has 129.

The Honda Insight is essentially a Civic, then?

Operating entertainment systems can be complex. It would serve better use as a hatchback. The Honda Insight is essentially a Honda Civic Hybrid, which is advantageous. This small sedan is the most enjoyable hybrid in its price bracket to drive, has a roomy interior, and has outstanding fuel efficiency.

Is the Honda Insight suitable for long journeys?

This corresponds to 43 mpg, confirming that while the Insight is best suited to city running, it’s also capable of long-distance driving. That looks good.


Honda Insight 2022 is a good hybrid car that will bring more ease to your life. It has comfortable seats and is pocket friendly with an enormous amount of facilities. Honda Insight makes you feel relaxed as it has over three years of warranty. So you don’t need to worry about it. Just buy and start the new chapter of your life with your loved ones.

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