The Changan Alsvin 2022 is an excellent contribution to the car industry because of its inexpensive pricing, good dependability, and low running expenses. It boasts a comfy and attractive interior.

Changan Alsvin is one of the popular Changan automobiles. This is why individuals in Pakistan are interested in knowing the current price of Changan Alsvin 2022. The whole data for the Changan Alsvin 2022 model year is available for your perusal and analysis. Learn about the costs of the Changan Alsvin 2022 with its features and specs. Find out how many passengers can fit inside, how powerful the engine is, how much gas it will take you, etc.

Changan Alsvin Specification

Changan has released the Alsvin in three different versions in Pakistan. A 1370cc motor powers the Changan Alsvin Comfort’s basic model. This In-line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC 1.3 Litre petrol engine delivers 99 BHP and 135 Nm performance. Those interested in this Model should note that it is only available with a manual gearbox. Unfortunately, this Changan model does not come with an automatic gearbox option.

Alsvin Comfort 1.5 and Alsvin Lumiere are the final two choices. Both models include a 1480 cc motor. The 105 hp and 145 nm of torque come from the engine’s Inline 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC 1.5-liter displacement. These variations are available only with an automatic gearbox. These Changan models are only available with automatic gearboxes.

Performance and Mileage

The efficiency and power of the Changan Alsvin are nothing short of amazing. It has a fuel efficiency of 14 kilometers per liter. Depending on road conditions, the Changan Alsvin may reach up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Comfort and Safety

For a pleasant and risk-free trip, it’s crucial to have a comfortable interior and enough safety measures. It incorporates twin airbags, infotainment features, and numerous other features for comfort. All seats include ISOFIX child safety anchors and three-point seatbelts for additional passenger security.

The automatic door lock system is only one of the safety measures offered by Changan Alsvin. You have the option of locking the doors automatically or manually while driving.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Interior

The cabin of the Changan Alsvin 2022 is pleasant for both the passenger and the driver. The vehicle has various cutting-edge options available. Since its inside is packed with cutting-edge equipment, using it in the morning invigorates you with thrilling, optimistic vigor. This section will describe a few amenities and fixtures within the Changan Alsvin.


Lovely multipurpose steering is standard on the Changan Alsvin. The audio system, the power steering, and the phone are all operable via the steering wheel. These options put useful tools within easy reach of the user. You may set a steady pace with cruise control without using the cruise system.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan

Cluster of Meters

Aside from its aesthetic value, the meter cluster’s ability to alert the driver to potential dangers such as open doors or low fuel levels is crucial.

Center Console and Touchscreen Display

The cabin also has a spacious central console at the vehicle’s epicenter. This goal ensures that users can easily access any feature they need. A seven-inch touchscreen is also offered for even more convenient access to security and comfort features like door locks, daytime running lights, climate control, and more.


The seats of a Changan Alsvin are luxurious and attractive, crafted from synthetic leather in a gorgeous ivory beige hue. The seat’s design is also quite appealing and innovative.

A System for Monitoring Tire Pressure (TPMS)

As an additional safety precaution, it is equipped with a TPMS that reports any loss of tire pressure or flat tires to the driver.

The following are a few more details about the inside.

  • In the center of its front is a pair of arms.
  • The audio system has a knob positioned on the steering wheel.
  • Its variants also have a manual air conditioner.
  • The bedside lamps are included as well.

Exterior Changan Alsvin 2022

The improved construction quality of the Changan Alsvin 2022 exterior makes it last a long time. The automobile has an excellent overall design. Its conical headlamps and eye-catching flashing daylight LEDs are just a few characteristics that boost the vehicle’s visual appeal. Moreover, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors with side repeaters are included.

The exterior design of Changan Alsvin is superb, giving visitors an exceptional experience. Here are some external specs for the Changan Alsvin model.

Side Mirror

The ORVM side mirror on the Changan Alsvin is heated, large, and has incorporated hazard lights. In bad weather, such as when it’s raining or cloudy or when a storm is raging, this device may control the power, and the heater defrosters to clear your view.

Day Running Lamp (DRL)

The Changan Alsvin sports daytime running lights (DRL) and a brilliant white, curved, seven-matrix LED light source. You may use daytime running lights when the sky is clear.

Rear Lamp

The rear light achieves maximum visibility in low-visibility conditions. An automobile’s rear light is critical in dense fog or other low-visibility circumstances since it increases its visibility to other drivers.

Exterior Body Design

The exterior design of Changan is both gorgeous and awe-inspiring. It houses the crumple zones that mitigate the outside impact and protect passengers to the fullest extent possible.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Colors

The hues of Changan Alsvin 2022 are diverse and appealing. Nowadays, everyone has an opinion on what color automobile they wish to drive. Changan satisfies this need by offering its customers a wide variety of beautiful hues. Therefore, the customer may get the automobile of their choice in a different shade. The number of Changan Alsvin hues available in 2022 is six. The following is a list of those hues.

  1. Nebula Blue
  2. Cosmic Red
  3. Steller white
  4. Galaxy Black
  5. Space Gray
  6. Lunar Silver

Availability Of Changan Alsvin 2022 Car Parts In Pakistan

Changeable components for the Changan Alsvin 2022 are widely available across Pakistan’s several car marketplaces. Additional resources are available from the Changan Alsvin store in Pakistan.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of a brand new Changan Alsvin 2022 in Pakistan is between PKR 2,769,000 and PKR 3,219,000.

Changan Alsvin 2022 price in Pakistan is high. Before selling or buying an automobile, it’s a good idea to find out as much as possible about it. However, both the buyer and the seller must understand the Changan Alsvin 2022’s characteristics and specs.

In Pakistan, the Changan Alsvin 2022 costs more than earlier versions. Many consumers still choose to make their purchases of new automobiles in-store. Changan Alsvin 2022 dealerships are available in various cities in Pakistan. Services for making sales and helping consumers who have already bought from them are available. An excellent way to stretch your dollar is to purchase a pre-owned Changan Alsvin.


  • Saving on gas
  • A value that beats the competition
  • Stylish, cozy quarters


  • Solid plastic material
  • Slow acceleration
  • Automatic transmission

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Changan Alsvin worth it?

The vehicle’s construction is first-rate. There is an excellent balance between performance and comfort in this vehicle. Comparatively, it outperforms the Yaris and the city while costing less. The ride is comfortable.

Is Changan’s resale value?

Since the cars are assembled in the region, the manufacturer can ensure a high quality of construction and a high resale value, and owners will have an easier time finding and purchasing reasonably priced replacement components.

Is Changan Alsvin successful in Pakistan?

In its first year on the market, the Changan Alsvin has proven to be Pakistan’s most popular automobile. This success may be attributed to the car’s appealing appearance, many standard amenities, excellent fuel efficiency, cheap starting costs, and innovative advertising.

Final Words

There will be three distinct Changan Alsvin 2022 models: Comfort MT, Comfort DCT, and Lumiere DCT. Changan Alsvin 2022 price in Pakistan is also different based on the model. Essential specs and included features vary across the three variations, which is the primary distinction between them. As a result, before making a purchase, you should compare the features and specs of each model to choose the one that best meets your needs. Visit Vehiclenest for more information about your vehicle and the latest updates.


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