It’s irritating to find out that the battery in your Kia key fob is dead, and it’s even more painful to replace the battery and find that the key fob does not function. Don’t stress if you discover the Kia key fob needs to be fixed after replacing the battery. Many Kia customers have this issue, and we have the solution you need. 

Here, you’ll learn how to restore functionality to your key fob. We’ll also go through a few of the most typical explanations for this problem. For that reason, if your key fob is failing, read on for some solutions. 

What Is Kia Key Fob 

A key fob is a tiny remote device that can remotely open and lock a car’s doors. Moreover, key fobs are used to start the engine or open the car’s rear hatch before you get inside, trigger the emergency alarm for the car’s security system, and more. The majority of key fobs feature tiny buttons that, when pushed, initiate each of these operations. Check here if you want to know more about your Kia vehicle.

Kia Key Fob Battery

What Triggers Kia Key Fob Battery Problems? 

It’s sometimes unclear what’s causing problems with your Kia’s key fob. Several different things might cause a key fob problem. The following are a few examples; see the list below. 

1. Poor Battery 

A drained battery is a common issue. The remote control may malfunction if your key fob’s battery is dying. As a result, the keychain may stop working altogether or just sometimes. 

If the old one fails, you could test a new battery in your key fob. Below are various alternatives to replacing the battery in their Kia key fob if that method fails. 

2. Damaged Buttons 

Buttons that are dirty or worn are another frequent problem. Worn out or clogged with filth and grime, the key fob’s buttons indicate the device’s age. It may prevent a solid connection from being made when pushing the button. 

Try wiping your key fob’s filthy or worn buttons with a gentle cloth. To disinfect the buttons, use a swab dampened with rubbing alcohol and a toothpick to get into the tiny nooks and crannies. 

3. Muddy Circuit Board 

The key fob’s circuit board is responsible for transmitting signals to the vehicle. If this chip becomes filthy or damaged, there may be issues with the key fob. 

The smart key fob’s circuit board must be disassembled to be cleaned. After taking it off, wipe it off with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Please don’t put the board back in the keychain until it’s dry. 

4. Invalid Connection 

A broken connection is another potential source of key fob failure. The key fob may operate sporadically or not at all if there is a problem with the connection between it and the car’s receiver. 

Try getting closer to the vehicle if you’re using the key fob and believe there’s a connectivity issue. 

5. Reset the key fob 

Resetting a Kia smart key fob may be necessary after replacing the battery. To do so, place the fob next to the ignition, push and hold the little button depicting a lock for 3 seconds, and then observe the dashboard for a flashing signal. If you’ve followed these steps properly and a simple reset is all your smart key fob needs to get back up and running, the issue is solved, and you can start using it normally again. 

6. Unknown Reason 

If you’ve exhausted these options and their key fob is still malfunctioning, the cause of the issue is likely to be obscure. In this scenario, you should see a Kia retailer or locksmith to inspect your key fob. 

How Will I Get Out of a Locked Car if Our Kia Key Fob Isn’t Working? 

Don’t stress if you’ve misplaced your Kia key fob and need help getting into your locked vehicle. There are still ways to get inside your automobile, however. What follows is a look at the procedure. 

1. Make Use of Your Fob’s Mechanical Key. 

Using the car’s original mechanical key should be your first port of call. If the remote doesn’t work, this key, often concealed within the key fob, will get you in. 

You must locate the little metal or plastic component on the bottom of a fob to utilize your mechanical key. Wiggle and pull that component after you’ve located it until a metal key comes out. Open the driver’s side door by inserting the key into the lock and turning it. 

Once inside, you may attempt the ignition button reset method for your automobile key fob, as described previously in this article. 

2. Replace the Battery 

So, you’ve realized that you still need your mechanical key. Changing the remote’s battery may be the easiest way to enter your Kia if this is the case. 

You can get to the battery compartment for the key chain control by taking off the rear cover. If the battery is difficult to remove, try inserting a flathead screwdriver beside it and prying it out. The old battery may be removed and a new one installed. 

3. Make Use Of A Backup Key 

If you have a spare key fob or a mechanical key that isn’t tied to your primary fob, now is the time to utilize it. If you also have a spare key, you may use it to open the vehicle in the same way: enter it into the lock and turn it. Without a spare key, you may have to hire a locksmith to get access to your car. 

Kia Key Fob Battery

FAQs | Kia Key Fob Battery 

When your Kia key fob stops operating correctly, it may be inconvenient. But don’t be concerned; you’re not alone. We’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Kia key fobs in this area to help you get back onto the road as quickly as possible. 

What kind of battery goes into a Kia key fob? 

There is a 3 volts lithium battery within the key fob or intelligent key, which should last for years. Here’s what to do when you need to swap anything out. Pry open the cover of the key fob or smart key with a thin tool inserted into the slot. 

How Do I Handle a Lost or Stolen Kia Key Fob? 

Lost or a Kia dealership or locksmith must replace stolen Kia key fobs. Check with your neighborhood shop to see whether you need to tow your car to get a new key. You may need a new ignition switch cylinder and key if you can’t make a new key or key fob. 

What happens if a key fob battery fails while driving? 

Nothing will happen if your key fob battery fails while driving. The vehicle will continue to work since the key fob is solely a mechanism for unlocking and starting the vehicle. Once the vehicle is in motion, the key fob does not affect the ignition or engine. 

Conclusion | Kia Key Fob Battery

Anyone can replace the Kia key fob battery. If your key fob is malfunctioning or the cell is low, replace the battery first and then try any of the other recommendations in this article. 

You can still drive with a broken Kia key fob. You now have various solutions! If you have questions, consult the owner’s handbook or a qualified technician. Happy driving! 

Do users have any additional key fob inquiries? Please inform us in the comments! 

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