The Lexus 300 SUV 2023 is a beautiful car to look at. You can’t help but get compliments as you cruise around town in this sleek sports car. In addition to its impressive control and power, it also provides a cozy and secure environment for the family. In the crowded SUV market, the Lexus 300 SUV is distinguished as a classy luxury thanks to its combination of spacious interior, powerful engine, and luxurious style.

Outstanding Engine

This stylish car can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 9 seconds because of its efficient hybrid motor. The 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine in the Lexus IS 300 is paired with a gearbox developed by Lexus, the E-CVT, to provide optimal economy in every environment. To conserve gas and save pollutants, turn on EV DriveMode.

  • No matter which engine you go with, the NX will add several firsts for Lexus:
  • Taking a risk with the Lexus look
  • Revolutionary turbocharged powertrain (NX 200t only)
  • Charging station on a wireless
  • The infotainment system may be navigated via the remote touch interface, which replaces the mouse.
  • For an instantaneous increase in power, the hybrid features a kick-down switch.
  • For improved traction in wet and icy environments, the front axle pre-load differential
  • Commonplace LED rearview and headlights
  • G-Force and boost gauges, as well as touch-sensitive interior light switches

Lexus 300 SUV Horsepower

With its electric motor and 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, this vehicle can handle whatever you throw at it. Its 176 horsepower total output distributed among all four wheels, ensures a powerful and versatile driving experience. This hybrid SUV also has an Eco mode that lets you travel further between fill-ups without compromising power or speed. 

Flexible Technology

The new Lexus 300 has an 8-inch touchscreen interface that makes using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay a breeze. You can crank up the songs while you and your pals travel about thanks to the ten-speaker system that enhances the listening experience. Every Lexus comes equipped with Miracast technology to guarantee that you can stay connected at all times.

In addition, the Eco-Driving Indicator Light and Zone Display are housed in an exceptional TFT display. It allows drivers to keep tabs on their fuel economy.

Lexus 300 SUV 2023 Interior

Light grey is the color scheme throughout the cabin, from the leather seats (with perforated and ruched inserts) to the carpeting (usually with separate mats), but the test vehicle didn’t come with any. Even while it makes the area seem more open and breezy, it’s not the best spot for Mackintosh and wellies. It does have a high-quality vibe thanks to the fit, polish, texturing, and, yes, even some elegant wood inlays.

Electric adjustments, including lumbar support, and an inboard fold-up armrest are standard on both the front seats. The view out is impressive, and there is a lot of room for your head, shoulders, and legs. The front door windows are said to be water resistant, yet they are not tinted like the rest of the side and rear glass. 

A console with a two-cup holder (one of which may hold an ashtray) and a storage area with a button-operated shutter cover is located between the front seats of the vehicle. The first innovation is the ability to reverse the entire machine, making it easier for people in the back to use it together. The floor reveals a shallow tray when you set it back.

Super Safety Features

The Lexus 300 SUV is a popular pick among fashionable parents because of its abundance of high-quality safety features. To keep you safe on the road, the Lexus Safety System+ works to lessen driver weariness. In tight parking spaces, the Park Assist monitor will keep your new car safe from harm by preventing you from reversing into obstacles. In the event of an accident, you will be protected by the vehicle’s eight airbags.

Graceful Design

The Lexus 300’s aerodynamic shape makes it a lethal air traveler. Your buddies will be green with envy as you zoom by them on this stylish ride, but you won’t hear a thing because the cabin is soundproof.

Because of its low profile, it can maintain its balance when accelerating swiftly around tight turns or along winding roads. Your car’s sleek spindle grille and futuristic blade lightbar will be the envy of oncoming drivers, but they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you for long.

Replacing A Fuel Filter On A Lexus 300 SUV

Lean diagnostic fault codes and difficulty starting are two of the indications that could indicate a failed fuel pump. A whining noise coming from the area surrounding the back seat is the most typical. You may hear it because the pump motor is trying to work harder than usual. This usually happens when there is fuel system resistance, such as a blocked fuel filter, or when components are worn out. So that the pump doesn’t give out while you’re driving, you should change it as soon as you notice any problems.

Things Required

  • Pliers with a needle nose
  • Tool for driving flat-head screws
  • Rags
  • 12,10, and 8-millimeter socket spaces

Step 1: Unplug The Battery

Detaching the negative connection from the battery is the initial step. Before handling any electrical connections, such as the ones on the fuel pump, it is recommended to follow this procedure.

Step 2: Take The Back Seat Out

Under the driver’s side rear seat is where you’ll find the fuel pump access panel. It may be accessed by:

  1. Remove the plastic coverings from the bolts that secure the seat floor.
  2. To remove the two bolts that secure the front seat floor, you will need a 14mm socket.
  3. Use a 14 mm socket to remove. To tilt the seat forward, release the dust flap on the seat.
  4. To access the cargo compartment, lift the carpet.
  5. Remove the three black plastic retainer discs by using a flat-headed tool.
  6. The three discs held the 10 mm bolt under the carpet trim; remove them.
  7. Drop the two 14-millimeter bolts.
  8. After this, you should have no trouble removing the seat from the automobile.

Step 3: Locate The Access Panel

We have completed the difficult phase. Removing the seat belts and a couple of extra bits of trim is now the last step.

  1. The seat belt fastener for the middle seat may be loosened with a 14mm socket.
  2. Following these steps will also remove the black disc.
  3. Pull the bolt on the driver’s side of the back seat belt using a 14mm socket.
  4. Just take off the plastic trim piece to remove it. A flat head may be used to gently pry it up if that’s more your style.
  5. To access the plastic disc under the carpet, pull it back.
  6. To reach the access panel, fully retract the carpet.

Step 4: Changing The Petrol Pump

The access panel lid may be pried open with a flat-headed tool, much like a paint bucket can lid.

  1. Take care when disconnecting the fuel pump’s electrical cord from its top.
  2. Using needle tip pliers, pry remove the clip that holds the gasoline line. After you disconnect the gasoline line, be sure to have paper towels on hand to soak up any gas that may spill.
  3. Take the fuel pump and loosen the 8mm bolts at the same time.
  4. About halfway out, remove the gasoline pump.
  5. To remove the rubber gasoline line, use pliers to squeeze the clip and then slide it off.
  6. Take the gasoline pump unit off of the vehicle. To get rid of it entirely, you might have to jiggle or tilt it slightly.

Step 5: Set Up

Removing something is the first step in installing it. Make sure the fuel pump is working correctly by reconnecting the negative battery connection after it is in and linked up. Vacuuming the back floorboard before installing the rear seat could not be timed better.


The Lexus 300 SUV is an elegant and modern SUV that packs a punch in terms of performance, technology, and luxury. Lexus 300 SUV price is $34,695, a tempting entry-level luxury SUV option. The inside is roomy and well-made, adding to the elegance of the exterior while giving comfort and refinement. Modern conveniences including a strong engine, a snappy entertainment system, and driver-aid technologies elevate the driving experience.


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