Tesla owners need to keep a close eye on their vehicles and perform regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. This includes the removal of detergent, dirt, and other visible substances. This feature has existed since the release of the Tesla software version 2021.24.4; it was designed to help customers ensure that their Teslas run well. This equipment is as handy whether you clean your car by yourself or outsource the job to a machine that will do it.

We’ll discuss different things such as which purposes it serves, its safety features, and what’s the best way to wash your Teslas and lots of others. 

How to Use Tesla Car Wash Mode

What is Tesla car wash mode? It lets you turn on and off some of the Tesla’s features whenever you take it to the car wash. Understanding how to enable Tesla’s Car Wash Mode is critical for its full benefit. Before you activate your car, make sure it is properly parked. Here are step-by-step instructions for utilizing Tesla car wash mode model 3.

Go to Controls, Service, and Car Wash Mode on the screen.

Choose “Enter Car Wash Mode.”

Once you’ve pressed the secondary button, you’ll be in Tesla Car Wash Mode. Most functionalities will be automatically sealed and activated. Manually close the trunk if necessary in older Model 3 vehicles built before 2020. The car will notify you if the trunk is open, allowing you to close it quickly to minimise water infiltration.

To use Free Roll mode on the conveyor belt, perform these steps:

  • Press the brake
  • then shift into drive mode
  • pick the Free Roll button when it appears.
  • When Free Roll mode is activated, the button will glow blue.
  • Tesla’s Car Wash Mode is a useful feature of electric vehicles, streamlining the car wash procedure for drivers with a few simple steps.

How Does Tesla Car Wash Mode Works

How to put Tesla car wash mode? Here is the explanation for each step you can take to use Tesla’s car wash option. 

  • When you turn on Car Wash Mode, your car locks the charging port and shuts the windows and automatic trunk, if it has one.
  • The automobile also disables the automatic wipers to prevent them from triggering and walk-away door locking to avoid accidental locking.
  • The automobile also disables the parking sensor chimes to avoid annoying alarms during the wash.
  • A little checklist appears, telling you which elements are most important when having your vehicle cleaned, and each is highlighted in green or red, making it simple to determine whether your car is ready to be washed.
  • Along with these minor adjustments, this special mode disables Sentry Mode and makes the Enable Free Roll and Screen Clean Mode buttons more accessible.
  • Enable Free Roll will swiftly shift your Tesla into neutral for conveyor-belt-style touchless vehicle washes.
  • Screen Clean Mode turns your car’s touch display and disables the touch control systems, allowing you to simply wipe it clean.  

Which Vehicles are Compatible with Car Wash Mode?

However, the Tesla car wash mode is not available in every Tesla model like the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot. Those automobiles older than the Model 3 and Model Y are not equipped with this unique function.

This indicates that the functionality is presently available on the Model 3, the Model Y, and the revised Model S and Model X versions.

If you have Tesla car wash mode model y, you can simply use it to prepare your vehicle for a simple scrub-down. However, you still need to know how to wash your car safely.

A particular method should be followed while washing a Tesla vehicle, and if you do not correctly wash the car, it may sustain significant damage.  

Ways to Clean Your Tesla

The two approaches to cleaning a Tesla, hand washing and touchless vehicle washes, are equally safe. Both approaches need to adhere to certain guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Keeping your Tesla clean is easy if you follow our comprehensive checklist.

Outside Cleaning

To keep paint from deteriorating, get rid of corrosive things like bird poop, dead bugs, tree resin, road salt, tar patches, and industrial waste. The success of using denatured alcohol to eliminate stubborn grease and tar stains depends on the specifics of the situation.

To get rid of the alcohol, wash the items with soap and water immediately after you remove the spots. You can keep your Tesla Model 3 looking new without waiting for the next scheduled wash; you only need a little elbow grease.

Give the Vehicle a Good Rinse

Use a hose to rinse the vehicle of any dirt or grime before cleaning it. Mud may develop in the crevices between panels or the wheel wells if you hose your vehicle without vacuuming them. Focus on these spots to remove all the muck that has settled there.

Hand Wash 

Use a gentle, clean cloth and lukewarm or cold water mixed with premium auto shampoo to hand wash your Tesla. After rinsing with clean water, let it dry naturally.

Wash The Outside Glass After Dry

Apply chamois to thoroughly dry. Driving a short distance while using the brakes frequently might help dry the brake pads if needed. Your Tesla may roll freely in neutral when you don’t hit the brake pedal. A car glass cleaner is ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle’s windows and mirrors. You should not use abrasive cleaners or scrapers on surfaces that are reflective or made of glass.

Cleaning the Camera 

To get a good shot, you need to cleanse the lens of any debris. If any dust or grime has settled on the lens, you may simply rinse it off with water from a spray bottle or pressure washer. 

Cleaning the Interior

To maintain its appearance and delay wear and tear, check and clean the inside often. If you can, try to clean up spills and stains right away. Wet a microfiber cloth with a mixture of warm water and a mild, non-detergent cleaner to clean the inside and seats. Quickly pat dry with a gentle, lint-free towel to prevent stains.

Metal and Chrome Surfaces

Chrome and metal surfaces’ finishes may be destroyed if cleaned using abrasive cleansers, polish, alcohol-based gel treatments, or rough cloths.


Clean the touchscreen using a gentle, lint-free cloth for screens and monitors. Glass cleaners and rubbing alcohol should never be used. Also, avoid using wet wipes or microfiber cloths that have been cleaned. Screen Clean Mode lets you clean the touchscreen without touching any settings or buttons.

Door Seals

To wipe dirt from the door seals, use a wet cloth. Contamination of the door seals with built-up debris may cause paint damage upon contact with nearby surfaces. Door seal coatings are delicate; therefore, it’s best to avoid using anything acidic, like alcohol wipes.

Final Words

Tesla car wash mode helps to keep your car clean properly and long-lasting. Wash your Tesla by yourself instead, and practice consistent cleanliness so that your Tesla can keep its sparkle. As the company recommends, brand customers prefer to wash their Teslas this way. It is a safe way to remove drops, stains, and other abrasions that might otherwise affect the car’s body. When you are finally ready, you can enter the Tesla washer mode and let the car do its thing.

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