As the world moves towards greener transportation, Tesla’s Model 3 has become a symbol of luxury and flair. Notably, the Tesla Model 3 White has won over the hearts of both eco-aware shoppers and car lovers. The white Model 3 is a monument to Tesla’s dedication to a cleaner, more advanced future, with its beautiful exterior, white interior, and extraordinary performance.

Tesla Model 3 White Exterior

From a design standpoint, the Model 3 is neither stunning nor repulsive. Front and back LED lights complement the rounded silhouette created by the front end’s lack of vents. The back is cute as can be and so is the standard tinted glass roof. The base and S grades come standard with 18-inch Aero wheels, but 19-inch Sport wheels are available as an option. 

The Model 3 Performance looks much more aggressive thanks to its lowered suspension, carbon fiber spoiler, and 20-inch Uberturbine wheels. There is also the option of LED fog lights.

Tesla Model 3 White Interior

The title of this interior package gives away the secret to why the white doesn’t merely look better because white is naturally better. The “Black and White Interior” is not referred to as “White Interior” for no good reason. Together, black and white create a considerably more sophisticated look.

Some people also believe that white leather is more pleasant to sit on since it is gentler to the touch. This will undoubtedly come in handy for the driver and passengers on longer trips. When car seats are luxurious and supportive, traveling for lengthy periods becomes a lot less of a bother and more of an enjoyable part of the trip.


The Tesla Model 3 sedan’s length of 184.8 inches and wheelbase of 113.2 inches are in line with those of other midsize cars. With the mirrors folded, the width is 76.1 inches, and the height is 56.8 inches. The curb weight of a car is different for every model. Weighing in at 3,862 pounds, the standard trim, 4,034 pounds, and 4,048 pounds, respectively, is the Performance trim.

Tesla Model 3 White Interior vs Black

The decision between the black option and the Tesla Model 3 White interior is based on lifestyle and personal desire. While the black interior conveys a more somber, concentrated driving atmosphere, the white interior radiates a calm and open sense, delivering a light and spacious cabin area. Whether the car is used for leisurely trips or work commutes, the decision represents the driver’s preferences and everyday use.

Performance Draped in White

The Tesla Model 3 White Performance model demonstrates that this car is more than just a showpiece. The Model 3 Performance is capable of racing from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, sports a peak speed of 155 mph, and has a range of 310 miles of driving per single charge. With a starting price of $64,000 before extras, the Model 3 Performance presents prospective electric car customers with a high-performance vehicle that is fairly cheaply priced. 

Tesla’s original promise of a $35,000 basic model has been surpassed by the $80,000 price tag, which includes both Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Even with all the bells and whistles, a Model 3 with all-wheel drive costs less than a fully equipped BMW M3 ($91,759) or a Mercedes AMG C 63 S Coupe ($106,00).

Charging Costs Vary Widely Too

Filling the Model 3 from totally empty to full could cost as low as $12. The maximum price tag might be $32. Whether we charged slowly with less expensive power at home or at the office, or quickly with one of Tesla’s Superchargers, was the deciding factor. The financials of EV ownership are heavily influenced by how often you intend to fast-charge, and fast-charging savings don’t fully materialize until you have a regular Level 2 hookup at home. 

During our most cost-effective month, charging at home with electricity costs just 4 cents per mile; whereas, during our least cost-effective month, charging at a Supercharger costs 22 cents per mile. The former is far more cost-effective than filling up a gas-powered vehicle, while the latter is still more expensive than it was before the recent increase in gas prices. 

With a 57/43 percent split in favor of home charging (we expect most owners to do significantly more charging at home), we averaged 83 MPGe, which works out to 8 cents per mile, or about the same as a car operating on ordinary petrol and achieving 50 mpg.


How much is a white Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 White might cost different amounts according to the variant and features you choose. The starting price of a regular Tesla Model 3 is around $39,490 as of my most recent update. Since white is one of Tesla’s everyday color choices, selecting a white exterior may not result in extra costs. However, the price may go higher if you choose a white interior or performance enhancements.

How much will a Tesla Model 3 cost me?

The cost of ownership for a Tesla Model 3 extends beyond its purchase price. It includes insurance, upkeep, costs associated with charging, and potential tax benefits. Fortunately, the cost of running an electric vehicle is often less than that of a car with an internal combustion engine. Your driving habits, the cost of electricity in your area, the Model 3 trim level, and the options you choose will all affect the exact cost.

What is the cheapest Tesla?

The market and current lineup adjustments may have an impact on the least expensive Tesla model. Historically, the most affordable and entry-level option has been the Tesla Model 3 basic model. For the most recent price, visit Tesla’s official website or get in touch with a nearby dealership.

Is the Tesla Model 3 a luxury car?

It’s debatable whether the Tesla Model 3 qualifies as a premium vehicle. In terms of lavish features and brand prestige, it falls into a different category than some of its rivals that belong to the conventional luxury market. Nonetheless, it provides a luxurious driving experience, cutting-edge autonomous driving features, and a high-tech interior. Its brand connection and these characteristics put it in the category of entry-level luxury vehicles.


In addition to being distinctive due to its vibrant color, the Tesla Model 3 White also represents contemporary elegance and environmental responsibility. Even though its price matches its superior performance and cutting-edge technology, it is nonetheless competitive in its market. The Model 3 in white is an appealing option for those looking for sustainability without sacrificing performance or flair since it offers a premium feature set at a more reasonable price than its high-end competitors.

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