Since 2011, Audi automobiles have had a technology called Audi Pre Sense. It’s been crucial in bringing about automatic safety features in Audis that can respond faster than a human driver and prevent crashes. Most Audi Pre Sense technologies are automatically enabled when you start the car, but you may deactivate others, like Hold Assist, if you so want. Audi pre sense warning message can be displayed on your dashboard and how you can solve this issue. Read the full article for more details. 

What Is Audi Pre Sense?

Audi pre sense is an optional technology package that includes a cutting-edge system that monitors your surroundings to keep you safer on the road. The Audi pre senseĀ® technology package comes in a few different varieties. Audi pre-sense Basic keeps an eye on your car and helps shield you from harm if it senses an impending crash. It can turn on your danger lights when it detects complete brake application or sliding, close your side windows and sunroof, and tighten the seatbelts of the front passengers in order to get you ready for contact. If there is no impact, the restraints are removed.

Audi Pre sense front, Audi Pre sense rear, and Audi Pre sense plus are other configurations of the technology. If the Audi pre sense front senses that you’re approaching an object too rapidly, it will give you a warning signal, then give you a jolt to the steering wheel to get your attention so you may stop; if you don’t, the car will start braking on its own to avoid a collision.

What Is Audi Pre Sense Warning?

A warning message may also be shown on your Audi’s built-in display if the pre-sense system detects a problem. Depending on the specific issue being addressed, this might change slightly between models and years.

what is audi pre sense warning

Common sense warning messages are described, and their solutions are suggested below.

Audi Pre-Sense Is Currently Unavailable On Most Models. Refer To The User Guide.

When this error occurs, there is likely a problem with the ESC. The ESC system may have been turned off, or more seriously, it may be malfunctioning and require repair.

In Audi’s case, pre-sense is currently disabled. The range of sensors is limited.

If you see this message, it means something is blocking your ship’s sensors or cameras. You might try washing the windscreen and the body of the vehicle. The forward-facing pre-sense camera may require recalibration if you have recently replaced the windshield.

The Use Of Audi Pre-Sense Is Currently Limited. Towing Setting.

Pre-sense interventions, such as pre-braking, are turned off automatically by your Audi if it senses a caravan or trailer being towed. If you are not pulling and continue to notice this problem on your dashboard, you should first attempt the troubleshooting above steps and then contact an Audi technician.

Audi Pre Sense: Turn Off The Emergency Brake

If you try to Audi pre sense warning turn off via the dashboard, you’ll see this error message. It may also reveal whether or not the system has finished starting up. If the issue persists after a time, and pre-sense is not disabled, a thorough diagnostic may be required.

How To Fix Audi Pre Sense System Fault?

Here are several potential solutions to the warning above lights and error messages, listed from most superficial and least invasive to most complex and time-consuming. These results are from Audi user and repair shop feedback in addition to data made public by Audi.

Get Your Automobile Cleaned Up

Even though it employs cutting-edge technology, the Audi pre sense warning system still has to be able to “see” the road, the vehicles on it, and the people who use it. Cars do this with the use of cameras and sensors installed in and around the vehicle’s body and rearview mirror.

what is audi pre sense warning

If the outside and windscreen of the vehicle are allowed to get dirty, the sensors and cameras inside will be less effective. The side sensors on your Audi, for instance, may stop working if a heavy layer of road filth has accumulated there after a lengthy drive. The car’s computer won’t recognize that the problem is only grime on the windows and will instead activate the dashboard alarm.

One of the simplest things you can do if a warning light comes on or an error message appears on the dashboard is to wash the car and make sure the windscreen is spotless. Warning lights on the Audi dashboard typically disappear once this quick repair is performed.

Check Paint Protection Films

You may want to contact the service provider that worked on your car’s body if they installed pre-sense warning lights. Some Audi owners have found that using paint protection films.

It is not known whether or not these protective coatings prevent radar sensors from functioning correctly. Some owners have reported that warning lights began flashing shortly after application.

Perhaps the application’s components have been misaligned or broken, or maybe the film itself is interfering with the pre-sense system, but either way, there appears to be a link that should be explored.

audi pre sense warning

Take The Car To A Dealership

These adjustments may assist with some minor problems affecting the pre-Audi pre sense warning system. More severe issues would require more advanced tools and the expertise of experts. Some owners have found that malfunctioning central processing unit (CPU) components were to blame for their pre-sense warning light.

This is the kind of issue that can only be fixed by taking the car to an Audi dealership or garage that specializes in repairing electronic problems with Audi vehicles.


Can you turn Audi’s pre-sense off?

The Audi pre-sense front feature is de-activable by the driver. If turned off, the setting will be remembered by the ignition key that turned the car off and will remain off for that key until the ignition is turned on again. Therefore, there is no initial ‘on’ setting for a trip.

Where are the sensors for Audi pre-sense?

Audi’s pre-sense rear system employs radar sensors in the trunk or hatchback to detect and prevent rear-end collisions. Thus, The front seatbelts can be electrically tightened, and the windows and retractable sunroof may be closed.

Do all Audis have pre sense?

The Audi A3 and the Audi A6 both include Audi Pre-Sense. Audi Pre-Sense is standard on several models and available as a software upgrade for others. 


Finally, This article about the Audi Pre Sense warning light and system was written with the intention of being informative. With this guide, you can identify warning light problems and fix them accordingly.


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