Every year, more and more people prefer electric vehicles, and in response, high-end manufacturers are releasing fascinating new EV models. In 2024, there are various great alternatives for anyone seeking a high-end electric SUV. Here, we will show you the top five best luxury EV SUV of 2024 and 2023, breaking down their specs, performance, range, and other important information.

Best Luxury Electric SUVs For 2024

Some of the best luxury EV SUVs coming to market in 2024 and 2023 are these:

1. Rivian R1S

best luxury ev suv

The Rivian R1S is an electric SUV with a distinct sense of adventure that can handle both road conditions and off-road terrains with ease.

This three-row electric luxury SUV can accommodate up to seven passengers, has an impressive amount of storage space, and produces astonishing performance thanks to its quad-motor all-wheel drive system that generates more than 800 horsepower. The R1S offers a sufficient everyday range for the majority of drivers, with a maximum of 316 miles.

From the inside materials to the built-in spotlights, the R1S is all about the details. There is an air compressor in the trunk of the R1S, and there are also convenient electrical outlets throughout.

As an additional benefit of the R1S, Rivian has partnered with Amazon to provide Alexa and other linked services. The R1S is an attractive alternative for American purchasers since it combines sustainability, adventure, and elegance, and its starting price is $78,000 before extras.

Although the R1S’s maximum range is lower than that of other competitors, the difference is probably too small to be noticeable.

Additionally, the touchscreen controls could require some practice.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

best luxury ev suv

You can anticipate state-of-the-art technology, power, and luxury from Mercedes-Benz’s first best luxury EV SUV 2023, the EQS. With its spacious 108 kWh battery, this full-size SUV can go up to 305 miles on a single charge and can accommodate up to seven passengers (with the third row being an optional extra). With electric all-wheel drive (AWD) and as much as 536 horsepower, you get incredible performance.

You can go around the Mercedes electric SUV EQS with ease. When navigating tight turns at low speeds, the rear wheels may turn up to 10 degrees to help. The EQS SUV’s cabin is a haven of peace, thanks to features like the MBUX Hyperscreen, Napa leather upholstery, and ambient lighting.

The MBUX Hyperscreen takes up the whole front row with its enormous glass panel, but the panels themselves are only three rectangles tucked beneath the main glass. An off-road variant offers additional capability. A six-figure sum, beginning at around $104,000, is to be expected. The exorbitant price tag and the fact that the EQS SUV’s hood doesn’t open are its two biggest drawbacks. Also making the switch to EV support is Mercedes’ dealer network.

3. Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Since its debut in 2015, the Tesla Model X has been at the forefront of the premium electric SUV industry. On top of that, it’s among the most sought-after electric SUVs with seven seats available. The following are the reasons why it is a revolutionary game-changer:

  • Unique Style

When compared to other SUVs, the Model X stands out due to its distinctive appearance. The panoramic windshield offers unparalleled sight, and the falcon wing doors make entering the interior a breeze. An innovative new look for electric vehicles was born from the understated cabin, which had a huge touchscreen in the middle.

  • Outstanding Performance

The Model X can compete with many top-tier sports vehicles with its tri-motor drivetrain, which allows it to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Before now, an SUV just did not have the power or acceleration to compete. The sophisticated all-wheel drive technology also allows for assured control on any terrain.

  • Regular Updates

The Model X can get better with time thanks to over-the-air software upgrades. Thanks to remote updates, owners have experienced improvements in range, acceleration, and entertainment functions, among other things. The best electric SUV 2023 Model X remains a frontrunner in innovation because of its groundbreaking capacity.

4. BMW iX 


Among the many luxurious electric SUVs available, the BMW iX is the first to provide precise, hands-free wireless charging. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, charging is now as simple as parking.

BMW’s wireless charging pad eliminates the need for wires and connections by transferring power via electromagnetic induction technology. Transferring power to the SUV’s receiver coil is as easy as positioning the iX directly on top of the charging pad.

Benefits of the iX’s Wireless Charging

  • As soon as you park your car, the charging process will begin automatically.
  • Charging is a breeze because there are no cords or connectors to deal with.
  • When it comes to reducing energy loss, wireless charging can hold its own.
  • Installed pads allow for convenient charging in any location.

The iX’s wireless charging feature is a time- and effort-saver for owners. The iX’s invention enhances the whole experience of driving a premium electric SUV by making charging as easy as parking.

5. Audi Q8 E-Tron

Audi Q8 E-Tron

Audi has an all-electric SUV in the 2024 Q8 e-Tron. With a premium, tech-filled cabin characteristic of the Audi brand, this midsize luxury EV can accommodate five passengers.

With between 402 and 496 horsepower and a single-gear gearbox, all e-trons are equipped with all-wheel drive as standard, allowing for strong acceleration.

The state-of-the-art Audi cockpit features two touchscreens and virtual gauges that may be customized. The improved vehicles come with a 114 kWh battery that gives them over 280 miles of EPA range. With rapid charging, you can get them back to 80% in roughly 30 minutes. Overall, the Q8 e-Tron offers decent storage capacity despite its little front trunk. Audis don’t have the same cache as their German competitors, and their base pricing is above $70,000. The E-Tron does not have any third-row seats either.

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Closing Remarks

Luxury car manufacturers are devoting more resources to electric lines as the price of batteries continues to fall and the availability of charging networks expands. As general performance improves, we should expect to see even more attractive choices in the years to come.

Best luxury EV SUV may finally overtake their gas-powered counterparts, according to several industry experts, by 2025. New fossil-fuel cars are being banned in certain nations at the same time. These luxury EV SUV introduce a new level of luxury car experience with their quick power, silent driving, and high-tech amenities. There will be more renewable luxury alternatives in the future if adoption keeps speeding up.


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