The Ford Fusion has been a leading competitor in the intensely competitive budget sedan market since its inception in 2006. It is a midsize car with seating for five people. Popular automobiles, however, are not immune to mechanical issues. Ford Fusion Hybrid transmission problems include malfunction, slides, shocks, burning odors, and hard shifting.

Learn in this article what you need to know to avoid buying a Ford Fusion with a problematic transmission. In addition which model years are more likely to have transmission problems? And how much transmission repairs typically cost, and more is detailed below.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Is Failing

Warning Signs That Your Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Is Failing

Understanding the warning signals of a failing transmission is crucial for saving money on transmission repairs. Some warning signals to keep an eye out for in your Ford Fusion are:

Noises That Don’t Make Sense

While driving, you may hear a variety of noises, but any “clunking,” “whining,” or “grinding” sounds should raise some red flags for you. These noises might indicate a lack of transmission fluid or a loosened part. You can hear such noises when you put the car in Drive or Reverse.

Flow of Fluid

There will be a pool of crimson fluid beneath your vehicle if the valves in your transmission system have worn out and cracked. If you notice a leak in the gearbox, you may save yourself a thousand dollars by having it rebuilt or replaced.

Transmission Failure Or Shift Delay

Gears should shift smoothly and quickly. Transmission problems, such as hesitancy, slippage, and shifting delays, are usually caused by insufficient transmission fluid.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the first warning signs of a failing gearbox. However, it may indicate several other problems.

Solenoid Failure

A faulty solenoid is a frequent cause of Ford Fusion Hybrid transmission problems. The computer uses these plunger-like mechanisms to reroute transmission fluid under pressure and shift gears. The computer transfers power via a wire coil wrapped around the plunger gear to trigger a solenoid. These wires can brief out due to heat and vibration, resulting in various transmission issues.

A solenoid’s effectiveness may be tested by connecting an ohmmeter to its two wires. We’re looking for a resistance of 20–30 ohms. If the reading is too high or too low, you may be sure the solenoid is broken.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Problems – TSB 374584

Fluid may pool at the bottom of the transmission case in Ford Fusions with 1.5L and 1.6L engines. A sticky, “honey-tinted” fluid typically results from an overabundance of oil or rust inhibitors used during production. Engine oil and automatic transmission fluid are examples of less viscous fluids.


If the liquid turns out to be an oil or rust inhibitor, you may drain it and wipe off the cylinder with brake cleaner. Further diagnostic tests may be necessary if the fluid is discovered to be engine oil or ATF.

This issue and solution are identical to the 2014 Ford fusion hybrid transmission.

Fusion Hybrid Transmission Replaced

Is It Safe To Drive With A Faulty Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission?

You could think, “It’s OK, I’ll simply drive it until I can have it repaired,” if your Ford Fusion is still functional enough to get you where you need to go. However, depending on the signs, it may not be the best action. The reason is that a transmission has many (extremely costly) moving components, and if one fails, it might cause further harm to the vehicle.

When Does The Ford Fusion Transmission Have To Be Replaced?

Ford Fusion transmissions have a relatively short lifetime regardless of how well they are cared for. How fast or hard you drive, and factory design issues play a role here. Although we’ve seen the Ford Fusion transmission survive anything from 80,000-180,000 miles, that’s just the norm.

However, you should address the vehicle’s original design flaws and perform routine maintenance. As a result, a high-quality new transmission may serve the owner for many more kilometers.

How is a Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Replaced?

To replace the Ford Fusion Hybrid transmission, you’ll need to raise the vehicle off the ground to get to all of the bolts. Remove the old transmission and lift the new one into place. As soon as the 6L80 is installed, the vehicle’s PCM must be re-flashed with the most recent GM subscription to recognize the transmission.

How to Fix the Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Problems

You Should Buy a Second-Hand Ford Fusion Transmission

Buying a pre-owned transmission is the fastest solution to transmission failure. Used ones often have a 30-90 day guarantee and can be obtained at most trash shops. It’s impossible to know whether the internal parts are in good shape, so you can end up paying a lot for nothing. Worse, if the transmission is faulty, the warranty will only reimburse you for the cost of parts; labor will be your own.

You Should Buy a Rebuilt Ford Fusion Transmission

A transmission that has been rebuilt is still another choice. A transmission rebuild often involves removing the transmission and installing many new components at a local repair shop. The difficulty is that the expertise and experience of transmission rebuilders vary significantly from business to business, meaning that you risk having issues due to improper adjustments. The transmission repair shops with the one- or two-year warranty are the only ones who will honor the guarantee.

Purchase a Redeveloped Ford Fusion Transmission

The convenience and efficiency of their cars are crucial to the daily lives of many owners. Their gas engines are built to last tens of thousands of kilometers, so purchasing a remanufactured gearbox is a wise investment.

How Much Does Cost 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Transmission Replacement?

Transmission replacement for a 2013 Ford Fusion will set you back between $5,000 and $5,500. Transmission replacement for a Ford Fusion is a time-consuming and costly process. A new transmission costs $3,300 to $3,500, while labor costs around $1,500.

Can Ford Fusion Energi Transmission Run Without A Battery?

While with other hybrid vehicles, the Ford Fusion Energi’s battery will charge itself as you drive on the highway. Because of this feature, you can still drive the automobile when the battery dies. However, you will still need to connect your vehicle to an electrical outlet to charge the battery completely.


How does a Ford fusion hybrid transmission work?

Hybrid vehicles combine the advantages of a gas engine with an electric motor, switching between them as needed for a more efficient drive. The gasoline engine automatically charges the battery and regen braking, eliminating the need for a charging cable.

How to replace Ford fusion hybrid transmission amount?

The typical price to replace the transmission assembly in a Ford Fusion is $5446.

What transmission is in a 2016 Ford fusion hybrid?

The only available engine in the 2016 Fusion Hybrid is a 2.0-liter I-4 mated to an electric engine for a data gets of 188 horsepower. This setup is mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

What type of transmission does 2019 ford fusion hybrid have?

There is also a hybrid version of the Fusion. The 195 hp in question comes from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, CVT, and the electric motor in that variant.

Closing Remarks

Do not purchase a pre-owned Ford Fusion Hybrid transmission 2012, 2013, or 2014. More owners have experienced transmission issues with 2012-2014 Ford Fusions than with any other model year. The reliability of Fusions from previous years is generally reasonable. We advise replacing the lug nuts with newer, higher-quality versions if you buy a pre-owned Ford Fusion Hybrid transmission.


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