You can rest assured that the vehicle you purchase, whether new or used, from a reputable dealer will be in the best possible condition. Your vehicle should have many thousands of kilometers of trouble-free operation if you maintain it correctly. The Ford powertrain warranty will cover most problems if they do occur, which is quite unlikely. 

The engine and transmission are the most costly parts of your vehicle, therefore it’s wise to get an additional warranty that covers them. Because it’s easy to become confused by all the many warranty options. This article will examine the powertrain warranty and its contents.

What Is a Powertrain Warranty?

The engine, gearbox, and drivetrain are all parts of your vehicle’s powertrain, and a powertrain warranty will pay to fix or replace them if they break. Repairing these components typically results in the highest repair costs. The clutch, battery, and some drive belts and fluids are not covered by the powertrain warranty since they are considered wear-and-tear parts.

There is usually a mileage or time restriction on the powertrain warranty. The powertrain is covered for ten years or 100,000 miles by certain manufacturers, while others give a warranty for five years or 60,000 miles. The majority of Tom Wood Ford’s new and used vehicles, however, come with free unlimited miles and time powertrain coverage.

Several things can void a Ford powertrain warranty, including but not limited to inadequate or incorrect maintenance. An accident or collision, fuel contamination, corrosion damage, or misuse. You need to read the small print of any warranty.

What Is the Powertrain?

Everything that makes your vehicle go is called the powertrain. These components include the fuel and cooling systems as well as the Ford transmission speed sensor that transfers power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. To get you where you’re going, the powertrain’s numerous moving components must coordinate with one another. 

You may count on the high expense of repair or replacement to accompany the malfunction of any critical component of the powertrain. A powertrain warranty is crucial if your vehicle experiences issues with its engine, gearbox, or drivetrain.

The Normal Price of Ford Powertrain Repairs

If you don’t have insurance, fixing your engine, gearbox, or axles might cost thousands of dollars. Depending on your financial situation, this might not be possible in all cases. You may avoid costly repairs by taking advantage of the coverage provided by the Ford Powertrain warranty, which covers certain components. 

We have compiled the most common powertrain repair bill costs below to help you better understand how much money this warranty might be saving you.

Ford Repair Part

Average Cost

  • A/C Compressor: $8,000-$10,000
  • Transmission Replacement: $5,104-$5,281
  • Axle Replacement: $845-$926

More About Ford Powertrain Warranties:

You can better decide whether to maintain coverage after your Ford factory warranty has expired if you are aware of the typical problems that might arise with your vehicle.

Ford Powertrain Coverage After Your Factory Warranty Expires

The majority of powertrain problems manifest either shortly after a vehicle is purchased or beyond the expiration of the manufacturing warranty. Your list of problems will increase in proportion to the age of your car. You must determine if you wish to maintain coverage for these critical components when the Ford powertrain warranty on the power is going to expire.

In such a case, you might want to consider purchasing an extended warranty for your Ford Powertrain. To safeguard your engine, gearbox, and axles against costly repairs for an extra number of years, consider purchasing an extended warranty for your powertrain.

Benefits of the Extended Warranty Offered by Ford Dealers

The knowledge and ease of use are two of the primary draws of extended warranties backed by dealerships. Repairs under a Ford powertrain warranty can only be performed by Ford-licenced technicians. Because these fixes are so sophisticated, you should give this a lot of thought. A Ford warranty also has the following advantages. 

Convenient Financing Options

You can usually combine your warranty payments with your current payments at most dealerships.

Service Technicians Trained by Ford

Rest certain that a Ford mechanic will be taking care of the task at hand, as changing the essential components of your vehicle might be rather complicated.

While your vehicle is in the shop for repairs. You may take advantage of the dealership’s rental car service, which is second to none.

Extra Protection from Ford’s Extended Warranty Providers

People often opt for third-party powertrain warranties because of how much they cost. Since they do not make use of dealership perks, third-party insurance typically has lower prices. Let’s check out a few additional perks that third-party firms offer that make their coverages more appealing.

At Your Service Around The Clock

If you ever experience issues with your powertrain, having 24/7 roadside support is an important benefit. If the vehicle stops running correctly, it’s probably because of a powertrain problem; in this case. You’ll probably need to call for roadside assistance. 

Getting Around

Repairs to Powertrains aren’t something you can expect to happen overnight. Rental automobiles, reimbursement for rental cars, and other forms of alternative transportation will all be covered by substitute transportation.

If your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your house. Your trip interruption insurance can pay for your hotel, meals, and other expenses.

What Does A Ford Powertrain Warranty Cover?

During the warranty time, the Ford Powertrain Warranty covers all parts that are found to be defective in factory-supplied materials or quality. These parts can be fixed, replaced, or serviced. We exclusively utilize new, remanufactured, or equivalent components to guarantee that your vehicle’s performance remains unaffected. In addition, there is a standard deductible of $200 per repair visit for any repairs covered by the Ford Powertrain Warranty. 

What Is Lifetime Powertrain Coverage?

Tom Wood Ford offers a complimentary lifetime powertrain warranty with the purchase of any new or used vehicle that meets their criteria. Beyond what is provided under the manufacturer’s warranty, there is an additional lifetime powertrain warranty. For as long as you own the car, we’ll cover the basic components—the engine, gearbox, and drivetrain—for as many miles as you like, at no cost.


So, if you want to get a new car, we suggest that you buy a Certified Pre-Owned Ford model so that you can get a Ford powertrain warranty. A certified model might cost a little more than an uncertified one. But if something goes wrong, the extra money won’t be worth the trouble and stress. If your car breaks down while it’s still under protection. You can bring it in, and we’ll take care of everything, even getting the manufacturer to pay for the repair.


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