Competitors from all over the world are working hard to get into the market share of Tesla’s Model 3. Even though the Model 3 has been available since 2017—a long time ago—it’s still a fantastic choice for anybody looking for an electric vehicle. A more recent addition to the luxury EV sedan market, the BMW i4 is an excellent choice. It is for those who are looking for a sporty, high-end EV, even if it is more costly. Which of these high-end electric cars is the best deal? Let’s find out more about the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4!

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 Performance

There are three Tesla Model 3 models, each with a different expected range. With a 315-mile range, the top-of-the-line Model 3 Performance is impressive. Its range puts it in the category of EVs that provide exceptional range figures, and its efficiency is a welcome surprise—especially because the Performance upgrade turns the Model 3 into a terrifying 450-horsepower machine.

The intermediate Long Range AWD model, with a 333-mile range, is lower in the range. The rear-wheel drive basic variant of the variant 3, which has a 272-mile range, is the least expensive.

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 Range

Additionally, the BMW i4 is available in various variants with varying range estimations. Depending on the arrangement, the rear-wheel drive eDrive35 basic model may attain a range of 252 to 276 miles. This is similar to the Model 3 with rear-wheel drive, but the Tesla begins at $40,240, while the base i4 costs $52,200.

The eDrive40 variant, which can travel between 283 and 301 miles on a full battery, is the next model in the i4 series. If you choose the i4 xDrive40, your range will be between 279 and 307 miles. The range of the M50 performance variant is 227–271 miles. Overall, the Tesla has a more extended range and costs less. In terms of range, the Model 3 easily prevails over the other one.

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 Price

The RWD basic model, the least expensive Tesla Model 3 available, costs $40,240. However, the RWD i4 eDrive35 is the least expensive BMW i4 available at $52,200. The two perform almost the same despite the price difference.

As you advance to the top dogs in the lineup, the narrative remains the same. While the introductory price of the BMW i4 M50 is an eye-watering $69,700, the Model 3 Performance is priced at $53,240. Paying much more for the BMW is hard to justify, particularly considering that the Tesla offers superior range, acceleration, and storage.

Sizing Up the Competition

Comparing the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 shows variations that appeal to different preferences. The BMW i4 offers a comfortable feeling of room while echoing the dimensions of a conventional premium car. The proportions of the Tesla Model 3 suggest a sleek, aerodynamically-focused, compact future.

Interior Insights

One of the best EV interiors out there is seen in the Model 3. It stands out from its rivals because of its simple design, particularly the German manufacturers that place a higher priority on luxury. The Tesla has a more streamlined appearance by doing away with annoyances like HVAC vents and a driver-specific display.

Some may think this is how car interiors will appear, while others may think the Model 3’s inside is a little cheesy. This is particularly true of the vegan leather upholstery, which many prospective customers believe needs to improve the quality of leather interiors from other manufacturers (though Tesla deserves credit for eschewing actual cowhide).

In addition to superior quality, the interior of the BMW i4 is cozier and friendlier than that of the Tesla, and drivers even receive their instrument panel—something the Model 3 does not provide. It’s very convenient to see important car information without looking at the main screen.

Technology and Features

Tesla’s cutting-edge driving assistance system, Autopilot, is its best feature. A variety of driving aids are available on BMW’s i4, but Tesla’s frequent upgrades push the boundaries of technology. Although the entertainment systems in both cars are outstanding, the Model 3’s dependence on its center display is notable.

Driving Dynamics

A Tesla’s quiet operation and rapid torque provide a unique driving experience. BMW’s i4 delivers similar electric power, but it also adds an element of technical sophistication that has traditionally distinguished the brand.

Environmental Impact

Both cars are a significant improvement in terms of carbon footprint reduction. However, Tesla has an advantage in perceived environmental commitment due to its all-EV emphasis.

Resale Value

Many customers take into account the product’s resale value. In the past, Tesla automobiles have maintained their value relatively well. The i4’s future as a resale vehicle is bright, assuming strong brand loyalty from BMW. So, the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 comparison shows both models have benefited their consumers.

Future Prospects

Both companies are making significant investments in EV technology in the future. Both Tesla and BMW have made significant strides in battery technology, and it is clear that BMW is committed to electrifying its portfolio.

Consumer Sentiment

Buyers might be influenced by public opinion. A distinct audience is drawn to BMW because of its well-established reputation, while Tesla has a cult-like following.


Is Tesla more expensive than BMW?

Depending on the model, the price comparison between Tesla and BMW may change. For example, the entry-level model of Tesla is less costly than the BMW i4 since it begins at a lower price.

What is the BMW competitor of the Tesla Model 3?

In premium electric sedans, the BMW i4 is often seen as the Tesla Model 3’s direct competition. Both cars cater to the same market niche and provide a variety of models to accommodate varying tastes and budgets, along with high-tech amenities and powerful performance.

Is i4 bigger than Model 3?

Given that they are all four-door sedans, the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 have comparable proportions. They could, however, vary somewhat in specific particular measurements.

Is the Tesla Model 3 better than the BMW i4?

When comparing the BMW i4 to the Tesla Model 3, the former is superior in range, acceleration, and storage capacity. The BMW i4 has a cozier and more opulent cabin with a separate driver’s display than the Model 3, which has a more understated interior.


Selecting between two vehicles is more than just comparing the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4 vehicles. Although the BMW i4 has a luxurious cabin and plenty of luggage room, the Model 3 has a lower starting price. The futuristic design and technological prowess of the Model 3 make it stand out. The i4 delivers a superior combination of performance and elegance. Both cars are excellent in their own right and provide a high-end electric driving experience.

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